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Commercial Banking

The group's largest business line is Commercial Banking, which provides a range of financial products and services for large and medium-sized companies, SMEs, shops, self-employed workers and private individuals (i.e. private banking, personal banking and retail banking), non-residents, professional groups, and public administrations. Its degree of specialisation enables it to provide customers with personalised attention depending on their needs, either via experts in its multibrand branch network or via remote banking channels.

The Commercial Banking business model is implemented under the SabadellAtlántico, Solbank, Banco Herrero, SabadellGuipuzcoano and ActivoBank brands; it is entirely focused on customer and market segmentation.

The key features in this area are innovative products tailored to our customers' needs, and quality of service.

Commercial Banking > Personal Banking

Personal Banking is broken down into distinct units with a view to meeting the needs of specific client segments.

 Personal Banking: its goal is to meet all the needs of this customer segment by assigning account managers who are specialised in financial planning, supported by a range of highly competitive specific products and services.

In this way, the Personal Banking unit pro-actively provides tailor-made services to its customers.

 Retail Banking: its strategy is based on combining Banco Sabadell's top-flight standards of service with a high degree of automation based on promoting self-service via remote channels.

 Groups and Associate Banking: business unit focused on attracting individuals through relationships with their professional associations, and employees of companies which are Banco Sabadell customers.  The result of this relationship is an offering tailored specifically to meet these groups' financial needs and the service and wealth management expectations, in both personal and professional terms.

This unit plays a fundamental role in attracting quality individual customers.

Commercial Banking > Corporate Banking

Corporate Banking is organised into different segments which adapt their solutions to each customer's needs.

 Businesses: provides support to small businesses, shops, self-employed workers and entrepreneurs for their day-to-day banking needs and in the development of their professional projects, offering solutions adapted to their business models together with personalised advice.

Our experience in this segment, particularly in the franchise industry, enables us to offer a distinctive, specialised service in optimal conditions.

 SMEs: dedication to business is a hallmark of the group. Involvement in the industrial fabric has made us a leading bank in the SME segment. We have an extensive branch network with specialised managers and product specialists; combined with our experience in the large company segment, this enables us to provide a wide range of products and services with the best solutions to meet the needs of SMEs.

 Large Companies: this area has its own commercial network and draws on the extensive experience accumulated by Banco Sabadell since its foundation in an eminently entrepreneurial setting.   Our team of managers specialised in large companies and a wide range of products and services enable us to always offer the best financial solutions.

 Public Administrations: we have a team specialised in public administrations which provides support to the branch network. It continuously serves public institutions by providing the best range of financial products and services and meets their short- and long-term treasury and capital expenditure needs.

We meet all of these segments' needs in the areas of:

- Financing: personalised solutions to meet the needs of our
  customers with a comprehensive range of financing products
  and a technical team which provides support and works to adapt
  solutions and respond quickly to investment requirements, in
  terms of both fixed assets and working capital.

- International business: service designed especially to advise
  companies on their international activities.

- Investment: a team of professionals designs special financing
  operations for syndications, acquisitions, infrastructure, etc.

- Insurance: this is the most extensive product and services
  offering, which seeks to meet all the needs of companies and
  their employees.

- Treasury: Highly-specialised advice on managing financial risks
  and optimising funds.

- Real estate: Adopts a comprehensive approach to the business,
  including property development loans and subrogation.