Banco Sabadell

Banking since 1881.

Banco Sabadell is currently one of Spain’s leading banks, with a prominent position in personal and corporate banking. The year 2015 was a decisive one for internationalization.

With a young, highly qualified workforce equipped with the most modern technology and sales resources, Banco Sabadell’s business model focuses on being its custo­mers’ main bank, with a relationship based on quality and commitment.*

By building lasting profitable relationships, Banco Sabadell works with its customers throughout their financial lifecycle, with proposals that meet their needs using the appropriate channels and with a comprehensive range of products and services that enhance the long-term relation­ship, under the principles of professionalism, ethics and transparency.

Adaptation to market needs is achieved through a range of plans and businesses that represent distinctive value propositions, can be clearly identified by the markets and are reflected internally in organizational and management differences.

Banco Sabadell establishes its strategy in the form of three-year plans. The current strategic plan, the “Triple” plan, which runs from 2014 to 2016, focuses on leveraging the value of the customer base, extracting profit from the newly acquired size and capabilities, laying the foundation for inter­nationalization in terms of structure and teams, and entering new markets.

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Landmark developments

Landmark developments


A group of 127 businesspeople and merchants in Sabadell founded the bank, with the goal of financing local industry.


Commencement of expansion into nearby towns.


Acquisition of NatWest Spain Group and Banco de Asturias.


Banco Sabadell is floated. Acquisition of Banco Herrero.


Successful bid for Banco Atlántico.


Capital increase and entry in the IBEX-35. Banco Atlántico integrated in technological and operating terms.


Acquisition of Banco Urquijo.


Acquisition of TransAtlantic Bank (USA).


Acquisition of BBVA's private banking business in Miami. Sale of 50% of the insurance business.


Acquisition of Mellon United National Bank.


Takeover bid for 100% of Banco Guipuzcoano.


Acquisition of the assets and liabilities of Lydian Private Bank (Florida) and announcement of the adjudication of Banco CAM.


Acquisition of Banco CAM and creation of Sabadell Urquijo BP.


Acquisition of the new of Caixa Penedès, Banco Gallego the Spanish business of Lloyds Banking Group.


Commencement of operations in Mexico.


TSB acquisition
Banking licence obtained in Mexico.

In 2015, Banco Sabadell stabilized its size in Spain and significantly increased its international footprint.

Banco Sabadell — changes in key numbers

  2007 2010 2015 2015/2007
Assets 76,776 97,099 208,684 X 2.7
Lending (*) 63,165 73,058 152,646 X 2.4
Deposits (**) 34,717 49,374 131,489 X 3.8
Branches 1,249 1,467 2,873 X 2.3
Employees 10,234 10,777 26,090 X 2.6
(*) Gross loans excluding repos.
(**) Customer funds on the balance sheet.

Banco Sabadell worldwide

Banco Sabadell en el mundo
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Banking subsidiaries
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