Banco Sabadell has a customer-centric relationship-based business model with distinct personal goals that are focused on value creation. Sale processes are based on high quality advice and materials. The relationship model is supplemen­ted with specific product campaigns designed with a focus on the customer.

Banco Sabadell believes that the relationship with custo­mers should be a long-term one based on trust and authenti­city. For that reason, Banco Sabadell focuses on the customer experience as a means of standing out from its competitors and achieving profitable growth, and aims to become a leader in all areas.

The bank is committed to quality of service and the results of various surveys show positive results.

Millions of customers 11.4 +78.1% 2015/2014

Branches 2,873
Customer satisfaction with Banco Sabadell
Source: STIGA, Customer satisfaction surveys. Data corresponding to December 2014 and December 2015.

Customer satisfaction with Banco Sabadell

Service quality index

Service quality index
Source: STIGA, EQUOS RCB Analysis of objective quality in banking branch networks, Q4 2015.
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