Sabadell America

Banco Sabadell obtained a bank
licence in Mexico.

Sabadell America is made up of a number of business units, affiliates and representative offices that together engage in corporate banking, private banking and commercial banking.

This business is carried on via Banco de Sabadell Miami Branch, Sabadell United Bank and Sabadell Securities, in the United States, and Sabadell Capital SOFOM and Banco Sabadell Institución de Banca Múltiple, in Mexico, plus a number of affiliates and representative offices (in New York since 2012 and Peru and Colombia since 2015).

Sabadell America — business growth (billion USD)

Sabadell America — business growth (billion USD)

  • Mexico
  • Sabadell United Bank
  • Sabadell International Full Branch

In the United States, Banco Sabadell manages close to USD 17,000 million in business (loans, customer deposits and off-balance sheet customer assets) which means an increase of 7%.

Businesses have USD 9,400 million in total assets, making it Florida’s fourth-largest local bank by total assets (Sabadell Miami branch and Sabadell United Bank combined).