Milestones in 2015

In 2015, the Banco Sabadell group has continued to strengthen its risk management framework and to make improvements in line with best practices of the financial sector. The main milestones for 2015 are indicated hereafter.

Banco Sabadell Group continues strengthening its strategic risks framework, giving it an international focus.

The strategic risks framework of the Banco Sabadell group has been adapted to the new structure of the group as a result of its internationalisation, to ensure consistency and an effective deployment of the group’s RAS to all geographical regions.

The Group’s risk profile has significantly improved since, amongst other events, the acquisition of TSB.

On the one hand, the loan loss ratio of the new mortgage portfolio is of 0.83% and it has a Loan-to-Value of 42.6%.

The acquisition of TSB is a fundamental step in international diversification, leading to close to 30% of the bank’s exposure being at the international level.