Human resources

The Bank has a young, qualified, gender-diverse workforce.

The capabilities that were built in the first year of the “Triple” plan were implemented in 2015. Management of talent and human capital are now a key component of the plan.

In 2015 sweeping changes were made in the Human Resources department structure, including notably the creation of three new roles: HR Business Partners (HRBPs), Centres of Excellence and Shared Services Centre.

Human Resources projects:

  • New English language learning model: flexible, technological, for all levels, and personalized.
  • Creation of the Business School as a model for transformation and sustainability of the Business Development Programme: Branch manager development.
  • Leadership development with a new people-oriented approach: Leading the future.
  • BS Business School: Public recognition as a benchmark.


26,090 55.6% women, 44.4% men
98% received training

‘Capital Humano’ award in the ‘Integrated Management’ category for our ‘Talent and Human Capital Management Programme’.