Markets and Private Banking

Banco Sabadell has a comprehensive range of products and services to offer customers wishing to place their savings and investments under its management.

These range from researching investment alternatives to trading in securities, active wealth management and custodian services. The unit’s operations embrace SabadellUrquijo Private Banking; Investment, Products and Research; Treasury and Capital Markets; and Securities Trading and Custodian Services.

SabadellUrquijo Private Banking

With a correction in the composition of portfolios, adapted to customers’ needs, and through the consolidation of these relationships, profitability has been increased.

Investment, Products and Research

Assets under administration by the group approached 6% of total Spanish-domiciled mutual funds in 2015.

Treasury and Capital Markets

Transactions in foreign exchange trading have increased the operating margin in a 30% year-on-year.

Securities Trading and Custodian Services

Banco Sabadell reached the number one position with 14% of the market.