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Sabadell Spain

Business Banking

Banco Sabadell was born as a corporate bank, hence its specialisation and lasting leadership. Today, we provide businesses support based on seven commitments, set forth in writing, thus becoming a business partner and helping them through their challenges. An annual planning visit by a specialised manager, answering loan applications in 7 days, respecting the financial conditions agreed during the year and advice on your company’s internationalisation process are just some of the commitments assumed by the Bank to make good on its promise.

Personal Banking

Banco Sabadell has made quality of service a differentiator in order to anticipate the needs of our customers and care for them by helping them make the best economic decisions.

It has over 1,500 branches, with specialised managers by customer segment, and it also has active managers that support customers through different channels during convenient opening hours and an app that is available 24/7, making true our commitment to be there, wherever our customers are.


  • Personal Banking:

The unit that manages Personal Banking customers has chosen to be close to them through its integral commitment, with exclusive products and services, personalised reports and an in-depth annual interview carried out by a specialised manager that will always be there for you.

  • Foreigner Customers Segment:

At Banco Sabadell, we supported the arrival in Spain of more than 800,000 foreigners, with personalised guidance and service. The key to our consolidated positioning lies in the experience of our multinational/multilingual team and in their ability to understand and solve the specific needs of customers of different nationalities.


This adds to our quality service and network of specialised branches aimed at people from different countries living in Spain, where support goes beyond financial matters. Its objective is to make the customer feel at home –supported, protected and cared for in their language. Therefore, we provide our customers with Online Banking, our App and 24/7 Call Center support in several languages.


Private Banking

We operate with the specific brand SabadellUrquijo Private Banking. We begin by actively listening to our customers to understand and offer personalised and comprehensive solutions that help with wealth management. The private banker is the figure that supports the customer from the very first day and, together with a team of experts, manages their wealth effectively and transparently, anticipating their needs in order to achieve excellence in customer service.

We provide our private banking customers with all Banco Sabadell Group’s capabilities and the widest range of specialised products and services – all through the figure of the private banker.

Specialisation in different subsegments:

  • Sports & Entertainment:

This is the department of SabadellUrquijo Private Banking, which aims to offer personalised solutions to the specific needs of people in the sports and entertainment industries. We manage their wealth and constantly plan for all stages of their lives from the start.

Institutional Banking

This is the Group’s Division that deals with institutional clients. It is structured into three work teams: the first one deals with public institutions that are part of the General State Government; the second team works with financial organisations and insurers; and the third team deals with religious institutions.

Also part of this division are the teams that coordinate the agreements with professional associations, business associations and companies and the teams that manage agreements with official, non-official and international organisations – all of them working synergistically to become a reference partner of the different types of organisations.

Asset Management

Sabadell mutual funds have received widespread recognition of their high-quality management from prestigious international credit rating agencies, commending their robust investment approach, the wealth of experience and solid background of the management team, their rigorous risk management and the results obtained.

In 2020 a strategic partnership was formed with Amundi Asset Management, Europe’s leading asset manager in terms of assets under management, which offers the best investment solutions, a broad and internationally recognised product catalogue, as well as long-standing experience and a strong commitment to socially responsible investment.


The specialised bancassurance business provides a wide range of products (savings and risk, life and pensions and general insurance) for individuals and businesses, sold by the Bank’s network, tailored to the needs of each organisation and their brands and different channels through which they operate.

The experience and technical and professional expertise of the bancassurance team allow us to tailor the product offer to the needs and requirements of each customer.

In 2018, the Bank entered into an alliance with the Zurich Group, a world leader in insurance, to develop a leading bancassurance business in Spain.

Corporate and Investment Banking

We are one of the top financial institutions thanks to our experience in the organisation of corporate, acquisition and middle market financing, with proven experience as bookrunner and mandated lead arranger, and with the ability to create new structures that meet the needs of each customer, situation and sector.

In addition, our presence in the main operations that have taken place in recent years in the Spanish market and in some of the most representative in Europe are a testament to this.

1. Corporate Financing

We are the leading organisation in the structuring and management of syndicated operations and club deals for the financing development and growth plans, asset purchase and debt restructuring.

We provide our experience, knowledge of the market situation and promptness in the arrangement and execution of transactions. We also have a syndication unit that distributes these operations in the market to national and international organisations.

2. Acquisition Financing

Unit specialised in the design and management of operations for financing both national and international company buyouts.

Our experience enables us to execute any type of operations, including takeover bid financing or the acquisition of investments in listed companies (margin loans).

3. Leverage

We specialise in the middle market segment, where we can help speed up decision-making and delivery, as well as provide our extensive knowledge of most companies being traded (targets) – a clear differentiator.

Our excellent relationship with the rest of the financial organisations that operate in the Spanish market enables us to take on financial commitments that we later distribute in the market.

4. Middle Market

Our extensive middle market presence is the reason why we have a unit specialised in corporate and acquisition financing for SMEs. Proximity and customer care requirements, closely coordinated with your usual contact person, coupled with our experience, enables us to offer financing structures tailored to the needs of customers and the market.

5. International Financing

Unit specialised in financing operations outside the Spanish market (cross border operations), for business development in other countries and company or asset acquisition.

Our experience in this type of operations is mainly focused on Europe and North America. We have closed transactions in France, Italy, the UK and the US, among other countries.