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Financial services

The focus of the Banco Sabadell Group’s financial activity is concentrated mainly in three countries: Spain, the United Kingdom and Mexico. Collectively, we serve more than 11.5 million customers.


We are committed to customer experience as a differentiating factor that provides a long-term and sustainable competitive advantage. We have a fully consolidated multichannel strategy that combines the best of the digital world with the best specialisation and value-added personal relationships, which allows us to forge a relationship adapted to the real needs of our customers and underpin it with trust and expertise. In this way, we achieve the best combination to provide optimal service to our customers, as they can operate through digital daily banking channels and in-person channels for specialised advice.



The Banco Sabadell Group’s activity in Spain is divided into three business areas:

  • Retail Banking
  • Business Banking
  • Corporate Banking

Retail Banking

With service quality as a distinguishing feature, we offer financial products and services to individuals through our branch network and digital channels, a portfolio which includes investment products and medium and long-term financing, such as consumer loans, home mortgages, leasing and renting services, as well as short-term financing. Funds come mainly from customer deposits and sight accounts, savings insurance, mutual funds and pension plans. The main services also include payment methods such as cards and insurance linked to consumer loans and mortgages.


Our product and service offer is fundamentally digital and online for those products in which the customer wants autonomy, immediacy and convenience, such as consumer loans, accounts and cards. For more complex products such as mortgages, insurance and savings/investment products, where customers require support, we have specialised product managers available and multi-channel support.


We operate with a specific brand, Sabadell Urquijo Private Banking, to provide comprehensive solutions to high-net-worth customers who require specialised advisory service and attention. Sabadell Urquijo Private Banking has a robust product selection protocol that enables it to adapt portfolios to clients’ aims, with a strategic agreement with Amundi, the leading investment fund manager in Europe.


Business Banking

Banco Sabadell was founded as a business bank, hence its specialisation and historical leadership. Today we offer companies a broad portfolio of products and services to meet their various needs: payment resources, treasury management, financing, renting, leasing, business insurance and solutions for the company’s internationalisation, all complemented by our vocation to provide support, making us a true partner for companies.


Business Banking is specialised by segments: large companies, SMEs, business, including the self-employed, retailers and businesses, and institutional businesses, including public institutions, financial and insurance entities, and religious institutions. We also bring our financial know-how to specific areas such as franchises, agriculture, the hotel and tourism business, professional groups, real state and start-ups.


The bank’s franchise power in this segment has been bolstered by the launch of sectoral solutions for businesses, support for clients in their internationalisation process, expansion of specialised solutions for SMEs, and a comprehensive support plan for Next Generation EU funds.


Corporate Banking

Through its presence in Spain and internationally in 15 countries, the Corporate Banking team is responsible for managing the segment of large corporations which, because of their uniqueness, require a tailor-made service. Supplementing the range of transaction banking products with the services of the specialised units, a single, all-encompassing solution to their needs is offered, one which takes into account the features of the economic activity sector and the markets where they operate.


We are one of the leading financial institutions in this business area thanks to our experience in organising corporate, acquisition and middle market financing, with proven experience as a bookrunner and mandated lead arranger, with the capacity to create new structures that adapt to the needs of each client, situation and industry. Furthermore, we are backed by our presence in the main operations that have taken place in recent years in the Spanish market and in some of the most noteworthy operations in Europe.


United Kingdom

Banco Sabadell’s arrival in the UK dates back to 1978 when it opened its branch office in London. Today the Banco Sabadell group operates in the British Isles through the TSB franchise (TSB Banking Group plc), a brand recognised for its heritage and reputation, following its acquisition in 2015. It offers a wide range of retail banking services and products to individuals and SMEs through a multi-channel distribution model that combines digital management (internet and mobile), using one of the most modern banking platforms on the market, with in-person service, thanks to a solid network of branches throughout the UK.



Banco Sabadell has been present in Mexico since 1991 when it opened its branch office. In 2014, the entity opened a Multi-Purpose Financial Company (SOFOM) to grant credit to the corporate segment, and a year later it obtained a banking licence and in 2016 it started operating as a bank. Today, its activity is focused on corporate and business banking, with the values of proximity, quality and commitment as a guide, and with a range of flexible products that adapt to the needs of each of its clients.