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Information available to Banco Sabadell shareholders.

The InfoAccionista newsletter is aimed specifically at the shareholders of Banco Sabadell, to ensure they are kept fully up to date with all information concerning Banco Sabadell.

Fees & Commissions

Banco Sabadell Shares (SAB):

Item Fees   Brokerage
Purchase Exempt   0.30% of cash value, min €6.01
Purchase ("BS Cuenta Accionista" account) Exempt   Exempt
Sale (1) 0.30% of cash value, min €6.00   0.30% of cash value, min. €6.01
Deposit (administration, custody) Exempt   --
Deposit (cancellation) Exempt    
Payment of dividends Exempt   --
Capital increases Exempt   --
Purchase of subscription rights Exempt   0.30% of cash value, mín. €3.00
Sale of subscription rights (corresponds to 50% of the standard fee) 0.175% of cash value, min. €0.60   0.30% of cash value, min. €3.00


(1) For orders placed through remote banking. If placed by telephone or through our branches: 0.35%, min. €6.01.


Where can I consult the current Sabadell share price?

You can consult Sabadell’s share price on our website at: The share.

What is the nominal value of the Sabadell share?

The nominal value of the Banco Sabadell share is 0.125 euros.

How much share capital does the bank have?

The bank’s share capital currently stands at 703,370,587.63 euros, represented by 5,626,964,701 shares. You can consult previous changes on our website, in the section: The share.

How is the bank’s share capital structured?

Information on the shareholder structure by size of holding and type of shareholder can be found on our website, in the section: The share.

Where can I consult the capital increases carried out by the bank?

Information on capital increases is available on our website, in the section: The share.

Where can I consult shareholder remuneration?

Information on shareholder remuneration (dividends, scrip dividends and the allocation of treasury shares) is available on our website, in the section: The share.

How can I purchase Banco Sabadell shares?

If you are a Banco Sabadell customer, you can purchase shares by visiting your local branch. Alternatively, if you are a user of the Banco Sabadell distance banking service, you can purchase shares via BSOnline, BSMóvil or Direct Branch (Oficina Directa).

If you are not a Banco Sabadell customer, please contact your bank or stock broker. You do not have to be a customer to become a Banco Sabadell shareholder.

How much does it cost to purchase Banco Sabadell shares?

Please see the table of fees in the section: Shareholder services.

Remember that no bank fees will be charged for Banco Sabadell shares purchased through our operating channels.

How can I find out how many shares I own?

If you are a Banco Sabadell customer you can request this information from your local branch. If you are a user of our distance banking services, you can consult the number of shares you own through any of our remote banking channels.

If you are not a Banco Sabadell customer, please contact the institution in which you have deposited the shares.

How can I transfer shares from another bank to Banco Sabadell?

Please contact the Sabadell branch where you wish to deposit the transferred securities. The branch will make the necessary arrangements.

Where can I find the Annual Report?

The Annual Report, as well as quarterly and previous annual reports can be consulted on our website, in the section: Economic and financial information.

How does Sabadell communicate the payment of the dividend?

When the Board of Directors approves the dividend, the Bank communicates it through:

  • Notification to the CNMV

  • Press release

  • Notification on the Bank’s website

What is the dividend yield on Sabadell shares?

The dividend yield on Sabadell shares is published in the quarterly results information.

You can access Sabadell’s quarterly reports in the section of our website: Economic and financial information.

I am receiving the shareholders’ communications at an old address. Where should I notify the change of address?

If you are a customer of the Bank, you can notify your new address at your branch.

If you are a shareholder but have no business relationship with the Bank, you can notify this change, after your identity has been verified, through any Banco Sabadell branch, by calling the Shareholder Assistance telephone line or by email at The new address will be recorded in our Shareholders Register.

When does Sabadell publish its results?

Every three months corresponding to the end of the calendar quarter.

Questions regarding the General Shareholders’ Meeting

For more information on the General Shareholders’ Meeting, you can check the General Shareholders’ Meeting section on our website.

Shareholder Relations Service

Should you have any questions, suggestions, comments or requests for information please contact the Shareholder Relations Service:


Retail shareholders

Phone: +34 937 288 882