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Social Housing Management


Since its creation in 2015, Sogeviso, a subsidiary of Banco Sabadell, has been managing the complex issue of social housing for its vulnerable customers, in order to responsibly address situations of social exclusion and the loss of a primary residence following mortgage enforcement proceedings. It is also responsible for dealing with the impact that this situation can have on the Bank, through interactions with customers, the government and social organisations.

- Social Housing Management Model:

Through an innovative Social Impact programme, a social/affordable rent is offered, and the customer is linked to an agreement in which assistance is provided. This management model also contemplates the possibility of participating in an employability programme (JoBS) in collaboration with public and private companies.

Figures (31/12/2020)

738 families have signed a social contract
313 customers are enrolled in the JoBS programme
2,250 customers have found work thanks to JoBS
4,509 families have improved their social and economic situation

Fondo Social de Viviendas (Social Housing Fund)

Since 2013, the Bank has been a participant of the Convenio del Fondo Social de Viviendas (FSV), or Social Housing Fund, an initiative implemented by the government of Spain to enhance the protection of mortgage debtors. Sabadell has contributed to this initiative with 400 properties primarily aimed at customers who have had to surrender their properties to settle their debt or who have lost their properties through foreclosure proceedings since January 2008.

Current status of the portfolio of 400 properties for rent under the terms of the Fondo Social de Viviendas (Social Housing Fund)

Social Housing Fund

- Information on the Fondo Social de Viviendas. (Spanish version)

- Interbank website to view and/or request available properties provided by all FSV participating banks:

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