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Cabecera Banc de Sabadell

 Main figures

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  31.03.23 31.03.24 Change (%)
Profit and loss account (€M)
Net interest income 1,100 1,231 11.9
Core revenue 1,450 1,571 8.3
Gross operating income 1,311 1,444 10.2
Pre-provisions income 581 693 19.3
Atributable net profit 205 308 50.4
Balance sheet (€M)      
Total assets 248,480 236,135 -5.0
Performing gross loans 152,637 150,796 -1.2
Gross loans to customers 158,454 156,445 -1.3
On-balance shett funds 187,445 194,044 3.5
     Of which: Customer funds 162,307 161,419 -0.5
Off-balance sheet customer funds 39,513 42,150 6.7
Funds under management 226,957 236,194 4.1
Net equity 13,145 14,240 8.3
Shareholders' equity 13,657 14,633 7.1
Profitability and cost-to-income ratios (%)      
ROA 0.33 0.59  
RORWA 1.06 1.83  
ROE 6.21 10.11  
ROTE 7.60 12.20  
Cost/income (excl. amortizació) 43.50 39.70  
Risk management      
Non-performing exposures (€M) 5,891 5,718 -2.9
Total problematic assets (€M) 7,008 6,657 -5.0
NPL ratio (%) 3.52 3.46  
NPL coverage ratio (%) 54.63 58.58  
Problematic assets coverage (%) 52.05 55.87  
Capital management      
Risk weighted assets (RWA) (€M) 77,659 79,285 2.1
Common Equity Tier 1 phase-in (%) 12.78 13.30  
Common Equity Tier 1 fully-loaded (%) 12.78 13.30  
Tier 1 phase-in (%) 15.04 15.51  
Total capital ratio phase-in (%) 18.09 18.42  
Leverage ratio phase-in (%) 4.72 5.25  
Liquidity management      
Loan to deposits ratio (%) 95.0 94.3  
Other data      
Blanches 1,457 1,414  
Employees 19,151 19,213  


See alternative performance measures glossary below for key financial ratios' definitions.


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Quarterly and half-yearly financial reports

In this section you can download Banco Sabadell Group’s quarterly financial and half-yearly reports and other historical financial information.

Annual reports

Pillar III disclosure

In this section you can download Banco Sabadell Group’s Pillar III disclosure reports and TSB’s Significant Subsidiary Disclosures.

Alternative performance measures

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Corporate transactions

In this section you can download information on Banco Sabadell Group’s corporate transactions:

TSB public tender offer documentation

In this section we provide historical information on the public offer to acquire all of the shares of TSB Banking Group plc.

TSB historial financial information

In this section you can download TSB Banking Group’s historical financial, acquisition related and regulatory information and access other results and official market announcements from June 2014 to the time of the acquisition by Banco Sabadell. To access the latest financial information and press releases please go to TSB Banking’s Group corporate website.

Metrovacesa, S.A. shares Public Tender Offer documentation

Historical information of prospectus related to Metrovacesa, S.A. shares Public Tender Offer documentation (01.04.2013).

Banco Atlántico, S.A. shares Public Tender Offer documentation

Historical information of CNMV Prospectus - Banco Atlántico, S.A. shares Public Tender Offer (03.02.2004).

Shared Simplified Segregation Project

Information relating to the simplified segregation project between Banco de Sabadell, S.A. (segregated company) and Paycomet, S.L.U. (beneficiary company).

Share capital reduction of Banco Sabadell

Information regarding the share capital reduction through the redemption of treasury shares of Banco de Sabadell, S.A.

Average period of payment to suppliers

According to Law 18/2022, of 28 September, modifying Law 15/2010, of 5 July, which in turn modified Law 3/2004, of 29 December, establishing measures to fight against late payments in commercial transactions, listed companies are obliged to expressly disclose in their annual financial statements and on their websites the average time taken to pay suppliers, the monetary amount and the number of invoices paid in a period shorter than the maximum period established in late payment regulations and the percentage they represent of the total number of invoices and of the total amount of payments to suppliers. In relation to the foregoing, as at 2023 year-end, the average time taken to pay suppliers in Banco de Sabadell, S.A. was 10 days, below the legal maximum period established in the abovementioned law. In 2023, Banco de Sabadell, S.A. paid a total of 138,084 invoices amounting to 1,922,166 thousand euros, of which 127,037 invoices amounting to 1,864,501 thousand euros were paid within the legal limit, accounting for 92% of the volume of invoices and 97% of the amount paid.