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Ratings: Conditions

The information provided below (hereafter "The Information") belongs to Moody's Investor Service, Inc (hereafter Moody's), Standard and Poor's (hereafter S&P), Fitch. Inc (hereafter Fitch) and DBRS Ratings Limited (hereafter DBRS). It is provided exclusively for general information purposes. Under no circumstances should it be understood, or be taken into consideration, as an offer, a recommendation to invest, as financial advice or participation in any investment or commercial strategy.

It is expressly stated that all the information and contents provided are subject to intellectual or industrial property rights. It is forbidden to make, totally or partially, any copy, reproduction, modification, adaptation, alteration, combination, collection, integration, translation, transmission, transfer, arrangement or any kind of manipulation or transformation, as well as any other use, means of public communication or distribution regarding all the contents. Neither Moody's nor S&P nor Fitch nor DBRS nor the Bank grant any licence authorising any kind of use in this respect.

Visitors (hereafter "users") should only access the information provided from the internet address quoted by the Bank. All liability is declined regarding different, faulty, incorrect, incomplete or partial accesses to the information of constant reference. In no case will it be stated or understood that Moody's or S&P or Fitch or DBRS or the Bank has authorised, intervenes in, assumes, participates in or has supervised in any way the contents accessible through such possible links, nor even that it consents to their being included.

The information, provided free of charge by the Bank to the user, has been drawn up by Moody's or by S&P or by Fitch or by DBRS with total independence from the Bank, with the latter having no kind of control over, participation in, link to or affiliation with it in this respect. Said information was obtained from reliable sources for said purpose but, given the possibility of human or mechanical error or any other factor, it is expressly warned that said information is provided with no kind of express, tacit or implicit guarantee, commitment or liability nor of any legal, conventional or statutory nature, in any way ensuring the accuracy, veracity, infallibility, opportune and up-to-date nature, good state, integrity, sufficiency, use, suitability, investment or commercial value of the information provided, nor of any other quality, aspect or circumstance. Neither does it know of, suggest, recommend or ensure in any direct or implicit manner, any general or specific uses, purposes or results to which effects the user accesses or may access said information. Consequently, neither Moody's nor S&P nor Fitch nor DBRS nor Banco Sabadell shall be liable for any circumstance, fact or damage, direct or indirect, that may arise or harm the user due to the information provided, and all opinions, decisions, interpretations, measures, investment actions or those of any other kind, that may be undertaken, adopted or assumed by the user as a result or upon the occasion of his/her access to, reading, analysis or evaluation of the information provided, will be to his/her own exclusive account and risk.

The Bank reserves the right to modify, replace, correct, update, renew, impede, interrupt, block, totally or partially, and/or cancel the information and access thereto by the user, without the latter having any right to make any application, claim, objection or demand in this respect. The conditions of use of the Bank's website, in general, accessible from the Home Page will be applicable to anything that does not differ from, contradict or alter these conditions and warnings of use.